2022 Oscar Thriller Movies

An Overview of this year’s Oscar nominees in the Thriller genre and a recommendation of three of the best from last year.
2022 Thriller Genre

Tragedy of Macbeth (4.5*)

Nightmare Alley (4*)

No Time to Die (3.5*)

Three of this year’s 38 movies fall into the Thriller genre, according to IMDB.  This is, though, one of those genres where I don’t understand the criteria.  I suppose the idea is that they keep you on the edge of your seat with your heart pumping during most of the film.  

If that’s the definition, then I’m not real clear why Tragedy of Macbeth is in there.  This is a classic Shakespeare play told with remarkable fidelity to the source material, but using a very modernized set.  I loved the film, and there is much to keep your attention from the wonderful acting of Frances McDormand and Denzel Washington, to the so-appropriate black and white cinematography.  The film requires concentration to follow, but the effort is worth it.

Nightmare Alley is bizarre and it keeps you on the edge of your seat because you can’t quite understand what’s going to happen next.  It is a psychological thriller that fires on all cylinders.  You will think about this film, and talk about it, long after it is over.

Then there is No Time to Die, the latest James Bond film.  And, well, what can be said.  We all know what to expect from a Bond film.  The thrills here are all action based – starting with a 24 minute introduction that sets the stage for the movie and makes you want to never pause it. 

Thrills come in different forms but these three movies will keep you enthralled for a great evening of entertainment.

If this year’s Thriller entries aren’t enough for you, there were five in this genre last year, although two of them – Better Days and Trial of the Chicago 7 – aren’t “thrillers” in the usual sense of the word, but the latter is still a good film.  Tenet was 2020’s blockbuster, but I think the reason you are kept on the edge of your seat is because it is really difficult to keep track of who is where, when.  It is a movie about moving backwards and forwards in time and, well, even physicists can’t quite figure that out.  Promising Young Woman, though, is one of my favorite movies from last year and women, especially, will love this revenge film as Carey Mulligan’s character, Cassie, delivers an intelligent take on rape and revenge that all men should learn to be very aware of.  Midnight Sky is a terrific mashup of Gravity and The Revenant told in three different threads that all come together at the end in lovely twist.  (Beware, though that very few people liked this film as much as I did – just saying!.)

So, there you have three “thrillers” from this year’s slate and two or three from last year that will keep you on the edge of your seat.  Have fun!

No Time to Die
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